Me2Me Transfers

With Me2Me Transfers, members can transfer funds between Tandia accounts and accounts at other Canadian financial institutions.

Convenient and secure

  • Me2Me Transfers are a convenient way to transfer money, saving you trips between financial institutions or an alternative to writing yourself a cheque or the expense of a wire transfer.
  • Complete and return a one-time Authorization Form to set up Me2Me Transfers through online banking.
  • Me2Me Transfers offer the same level of security and confidentiality as online banking transactions.


  • Me2Me Transfers are fee-free
  • Me2Me Transfers are permitted between Canadian financial institutions only, and personal accounts only (personal accounts requiring more than one signature for transactions may not use this service).
  • The daily Me2Me Transfer outgoing transfer limit is $10,000; the daily incoming limit is also $10,000; weekly and monthly limits also apply -- see below for details
  • A Me2Me Transfer may take up to five business days to complete
  • There are no additional fees for incoming or outcoming Me2Me Transfers (beyond the applicable debit transaction fees, if any)
7 Day Period Limit:
Total outgoing - $50,000, total incoming - $50,000

31 Day Period Limit:
Total outgoing - $100,000, Total incoming - $100,000

Me2Me Transfers - FAQs

Here's a list of frequently asked questions about Me2Me Transfers:

1. What is a Me2Me Transfer? Expand/Collapse

A Me2Me Transfer let you transfer funds to and from your accounts held at Tandia/DirecTCU and those held at other financial institutions.

2. Who can use this service? Expand/Collapse

All members can use Me2Me Transfers except business accounts and personal accounts that require two or more signatures to perform transactions.  You will need access to online banking.  If you are not already signed up for online banking, contact your branch or call our Member Solutions Centre to get started.

3. How do I use Me2Me Transfers? Expand/Collapse

To get started, you need to complete and submit one simple Authorization Form.  You will need the branch, institution and account number (i.e. as displayed in the MICR encoding on a personal cheque form) of the account you wish to transfer funds to or from to complete the form.  A test transaction is required for setup and is explained on the authorization form.  Initial setup can take up to 5 business days.

4. What does it cost to use this service? Expand/Collapse

There are no additional fees for incoming or outgoing Me2Me Transfers beyond the applicable account debit transaction fees.  You may want to check with your other financial institution(s) regarding applicable fees before linking your accounts for Me2Me Transfers.

5. Is there a limit on how much I can transfer? Expand/Collapse

The per transactions/daily outgoing transfer limit is $10,000.  The per transaction/daily incoming transfer limit is also $10,000.  Weekly and monthly limit also apply (outlined above).

6. Are there any holds on my money when transferring? Expand/Collapse

All incoming Me2Me Transfers can be held up to five business days.

7. Can I transfer US dollars? Expand/Collapse

You can transfer between US accounts but both US accounts must be at Canadian financial institutions.  You cannot transfer CDN dollars to a US account.

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