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Interac Flash FAQs

MEMBER CARD® debit cards with Interac® Flash are being issued by Tandia as of November  2016.  Interac Inc. has produced issued an awareness brochure for handy reference, and here are some frequently asked questions about the new Interac Flash feature.

1. What is Interac Flash?

Interac Flash is the contactless payment functionality technology that is being added to new Tandia MEMBER CARD debit cards.  It allows you to pay for smaller purchases faster and easier by just holding up your Flash-enabled debit card to a point of sale terminal that supports this contactless functionality.  The purchase will automatically be deducted from your primary transaction account without having to insert your card in the chip reader or use your PIN (Personal Identification Number). 

You don’t HAVE to use Interac Flash for smaller purchases – you can continue to insert your card and use your chip/PIN for any point-of-sale transaction - it is simply an added payment convenience available if and whenever you choose to use it.

2. How do I use my new Interac Flash debit card?

It’s important to know that when you receive your new Interac Flash card and use it for the first time, that you must insert your card and use your PIN for the first transaction.   Interac Flash will then be activated for future transactions. 

Additionally, the store’s point of sale terminal must support this form of contactless payment.  Look for the contactless logo on the device screen or you can ask the business if they accept  Interac Flash.  Then, simply hold your card on the supporting reader and a beep and/or an approved message on the screen will indicate that your transaction has been completed and funds have been immediately debited from your account.

3. How secure is Interac Flash?

There are several security features in place that ensure Interac Flash debit cards are safe.  Interac Flash leverages secure chip processing.  This protects Interac Flash against skimming, counterfeiting and transaction replay types of fraud, including electronic pick-pocketing.  Interac Flash technology protects your card from being copied and counterfeited. 

Consumers are fully protected with Interac Zero Liability Policy that allows for 100% reimbursement of funds if your card is lost or stolen.  You can learn more about Interac Flash security here.

In addition, as an added security measure to ensure that your card is in your possession, the point of sale terminal will randomly and from time to time disallow the use of the contactless method for the transaction, and prompt you to insert the card and enter your PIN.  This ensures that the rightful card owner is in possession of the card. 

4. Will my current PIN work on my new Interac Flash debit card?

No, we regret that we cannot replace an active Member Card debit card with an Interac Flash-enabled replacement without issuing a new PIN.  In advance of receiving your new Interac Flash card via mail, you will receive a separate mailer with a new PIN.  If your card is issued at a branch, you can re-PIN your new card right then and there.  You can change your PIN at any time by visiting a Tandia branch or at any Tandia ATM or Exchange Network ATM location.

5. Are there fees associated with using Interac Flash?

There are no additional or new fees associated with Interac Flash transactions - the fees remain the same and are dependent on the type of account being debited.  Please refer to Interac Direct Payment fees in our Service Fee Bulletin.

6. What are the limits on Interac Flash transactions?

For security purposes, you can “tap” your card to pay for transactions that are $100 or less, and may do multiple transactions in one day, up to a total of $200. After that point, you must re-enter your PIN at a point-of-sale terminal which will then reset your $200 limit allowing for subsequent Interac Flash purchases.

7. Can the limits on Interac Flash Member Card debit cards be customized?

No, the limits are set by Interac® and cannot be altered.

8. Are Interac Flash limits included in the overall point-of-sale daily transaction limits?


9. Can I deactivate Interac Flash on my Member Card debit card?

If you do not wish to have the Interac Flash feature on your new Member Card debit card, you can request that it be disabled at any branch or through the Member Solutions Centre.

10. Can I reactivate the Interac Flash feature later?

Yes, you can reactivate in the future, however there will be a reactivation fee of $15.00 due to the network costs that Tandia incurs to make these changes to your Interac Flash debit card.

11. What happens in the event of a lost/stolen Interac Flash Member Card debit card?

Remember, Interac Flash is backed by Interac’s Zero Liability Policy to protect you from unauthorized use of your card.  Don’t panic but please contact us immediately – during regular business hours, you can call us at 1.800.598.2891 and we will talk you through the process from start to finish.  After hours, please call our Card Services partner at 1.800.567.8111 or collect 1.306.566.1276.

12. Can I accidentally pay for something if I stand or hold my debit card too close to a terminal?

Two things would have to happen at the same time for a transaction to go through while your card is still in your wallet.  First, the point-of-sale terminal would have to be ready to receive a debit transaction.  Second, your card would have to get within 4 cm of the terminal.  It is good to be aware of where your card is when entering line-ups for purchases, but making a purchase without being aware is virtually impossible.

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