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Tandia's 6th
Annual General ​​Meeting

Tuesday April 7, 2020

Plan to participate in Tandia’s Annual General Meeting.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to gather together but we’ve been able to transition to holding it completely online in a safe and socially-responsible audio webcast format where you can participate from the comfort of your home. The date and time remains the same -- Tuesday April 7, 7 pm. 

The purpose of this meeting is:

  • To receive the report of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer’s report, the financial statements and auditors’ report, and the Audit and Operational Risk Committee’s report;
  • To appoint the auditor;
  • To announce acclaimed Directors and voting results for the Special Resolution and By-law mendment;
  • To transact such other business as may properly come before an annual meeting of members.

A website edition of the Annual Report is available below or we can mail a copy to you – please contact our Member Solutions Centre to arrange.

2019 Annual Report

2019 Notes to Financial Statements

Join Us Via Webcast

Director Profiles

​Jacqueline Aird ACCUD

I am seeking re-election to the Tandia Financial CreditUnion Board of Directors. During my previous term,I witnessed TFCU grow and be acknowledged for its innovation and marketing strategies. Over this time,Tandia has increased its membership and assets.

As a Board member and Chair of a former Credit Union’s Strategic Planning Committee, we had a vision ofexpansion throughout Ontario. I am delighted to see that the vision has been accomplished and that we will continue to strive to become a recognized Credit Union throughout Ontario.


​Nancy DiGregorio

It is an honour for me to be seeking re-election on theTandia Financial Credit Union Board of Directors.I have been a Director, for the past 24 years, where I wasa Director on the Board of the Teachers Credit Union andI presently represent the membership on the Board ofTandia Financial Credit Union.

As a Director, I have served on all the committees ofthe Board and presently I chair the Governance, Ethics, Human Resource and Policy Committee as well as servingas Vice Chair of the Board.


​Sharon O’Driscoll

Upon moving to Milton in 1973, I became a member of Halton Community Credit Union. Being new to thecommunity of Milton and a first-time homeowner, I knew from past experience that belonging to a credit union would ensure our financial needs were met.

Finding myself, in 1981, a single mom with three children and a mortgage, I knew that I would continue to find thefinancial support and advice I needed, despite the factthat banks at that time, would not even speak to a singleMom, let alone support her banking needs. Our credit union continued to welcome my business.


Voting on Special Resolution and By-law Amendment

As special business, the members of the Credit Union will be considering a Special Resolution and By-law Amendment that will require a membership vote.

As special business, the members of the Credit Union will be considering the following that requires a membership vote:

  • A proposed Special Resolution changes the Credit Union’s head office address to 3455 North Service Road Unit 100, Burlington Ontario.
  • A proposed By-law amendment relates to 4.01 Number of Directors and Quorum and updates the number of Board members, remaining at 9 but by Board Special Resolution temporarily allowing for up to 12 until the next annual general meeting and removes the transition numbers that were previously established for amalgamation purposes.

Members aged 18 and over holding $25.00 in Member Shares are eligible to vote. Voting will take place from March 9 - 20, 2020. Online voting (through online banking) will be available from Monday March 9 at 8 a.m. through Monday March 20 at 5 p.m. Alternatively, members may vote at any branch location during regular branch hours.

Corporations, Partnerships and Unincorporated Associations can only cast their vote through a written proxy available at any branch, signed by the President or other authorized officer of such entity and by appointing one person to vote in-branch on its behalf.

Voting is now closed and results will be announced at the AGM.

​About Online Voting

About Online Voting

Your Vote is Important

Tandia™ members can conveniently vote online for matters requiring a membership vote including Director elections, By-law changes, and any Special Resolutions.  With a few simple clicks from wherever you happen to be, you can cast your vote(s) and submit your ballot conveniently and securely through online banking. 

Online voting is available for eligible personal members only during a specified voting period, and in advance of membership meetings including the Annual General Meeting.  For members without access to online banking, in-branch voting is provided.

Eligible business members can only vote through a written proxy (available at any branch), appointing one person to vote in-branch on its behalf. 

How to Vote Online

During the voting period, eligible voters can simply login to online banking to cast a vote.  

Simply Select Online Voting in the left menu on the Account Summary page.From there, you will be able to review complete details prior to casting your vote, including Director Candidate Profiles and any By-law changes or Special Resolutions.  Be sure to follow the instructions provided carefully.

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