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    Tandia launches ASAPP OXP

    CRM Feature Set, RFS 360 core banking integration, expands and extends licensing agreement

    August 9, 2021

    Tandia Financial Credit Union and ASAPP Financial Technology are excited to announce that Tandia has successfully launched ASAPP’s latest AOS / LOS 11.5 release including full integration with their CGI RFS360® core banking system. 
    In addition, today Tandia has become ASAPP’s first Client-Partner to launch both the new ASAPP OXP Team Portal™ and CRM Feature Sets live into production. Tandia, taking on the role of strategic testing and deployment partner, and ASAPP have been working very closely together since January to bring this project to life. Today’s launch marks the start of the next chapter in ASAPP and Tandia’s joint vision of delivering and achieving powerful member engagement capabilities across all omnichannel touchpoints served by Canadian credit unions. 

    Earlier in July, Tandia also expanded and extended their licensing agreement to take full advantage of ASAPP’s new bundled licensing offers which became available on July 1st. By extending their existing licensing term by an additional two years, Tandia will benefit from Canada’s most complete omnichannel experience platform through to 2027. This includes account and lending origination solutions (AOS/LOS), recently released ASAPP OXP Features Sets like the ASAPP OXP Team Portal™, Customer Relationship Management, as well as upcoming Feature Sets like Enterprise Content Management, Business Analytics and the ASAPP OXP API.  

    “We’ve been working closely with Tandia over the past 7 months to build out a market-leading omnichannel experience platform, packed with powerful functionality and use-cases,” said Tony Dunham, Chief Marketing Officer at ASAPP. “They are extremely passionate about creating more efficient, effective and engaging experiences for members through our technology and have been leading the charge as a testing and deployment champion for ASAPP.” 

    All of these ASAPP modules and Feature Sets will be fully integrated with Tandia’s CGI RFS360® core banking systems through uniCORE - ASAPP OXP’s new Unified Core Banking Connection Engine, established as a middleware layer built on a modern Microsoft .NET Core microservice architecture.

    “UniCORE is leading-edge technology we’ve developed because we’ve seen a need for faster, more agile and cost-efficient core banking connections in the Canadian credit union environment,” said Steve Sauve, Chief Product Officer at ASAPP. “It can leverage direct-API licenses with core banking providers or be used in-combination with innovative digital ecosystem connectors such as the Celero Xchange platform.”

    Tandia’s launch of ASAPP AOS/LOS release 11.5 for retail members will allow them to offer online access to their chequing, savings and lending products, integrated with their RFS360® core banking systems and leveraging ASAPP’s new UX/UI design.

    “We’re really thrilled to be bringing forward-thinking financial products and services to our current and future members across the GTA through our recently affirmed 6-year partnership with ASAPP,” said Richard Davies, President & CEO, Tandia Financial Credit Union. “It’s a logical next step for Tandia as we continue to evolve to meet modern member needs for financial services that are accessible, convenient and available anytime, anywhere and from any device.”

    The ASAPP OXP Team Portal™ launch provides Tandia team members with a new centralized portal for all ASAPP capabilities, which are available 24/7/365, from anywhere, across any internet-connected digital or mobile device.

    The ASAPP OXP CRM Feature Set launch is huge step forward in Tandia’s journey of continuous improvement of member engagement and satisfaction. Some of the most anticipated new CRM features include post-origination new member onboarding and centralized member management capabilities, directly connected with Tandia’s RFS360® core banking system, designed to foster engagement and enable real-time member profile updates. As Tandia rolls out the platform across its branch network, the CRM Feature Set will continue to expand this fall with the addition of sales reporting, opportunity management, automated emails, call scripts and case management. 

    Recognizing that engagement and adoption can be improved by measures beyond the technology itself, Tandia has also opted to take advantage of ASAPP’s Platform Strategy and Support Services. These services are part of ASAPP’s continuing commitment to providing Canada’s most complete omnichannel experience platform. They can involve member onboarding strategies, marketing initiatives, training and ongoing support, all designed to amplify the market launch and, ultimately, drive a greater ROI. Effective July 1st, ASAPP is now offering three support plan levels which can be bundled along with AOS/LOS modules and OXP Feature Sets as part of 3-, 5- and 7-year licensing agreements.

    “We believe it’s important to have the right internal and external strategies and processes in place to get the best possible return from ASAPP’s technology,” said Kathy Clark, Senior Vice President, Sales/Service & Operations, Tandia Financial Credit Union. “Part of that involves getting the word out, so our members know about these new exciting possibilities that, we feel, are going to be all the more attractive given the drive towards digital that’s only been heightened by the recent pandemic.”

    Tandia and ASAPP are being extremely proactive as both teams continue to work diligently together on other innovative software enhancements. Through their strategic partnership, plans are in the works to integrate ASAPP with Tandia’s upcoming Forge 2.0 Digital Banking launch, as well as new Enterprise Content Management and Business Analytics Feature Sets that are being developed.

    About Tandia Financial Credit Union

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    About ASAPP Financial Technology 

    ASAPP delivers Custom Experience Software and Platform Strategy Solutions that create sustainable competitive advantages for regulated financial service providers as they compete against direct-to-consumer fintech solutions. ASAPP OXP is Canada’s most complete omnichannel experience platform for the financial services industry. For more information, visit 

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