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Community Accounts

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​Account management advice

Here for the Community

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Just for Schools Account

An improved operating account for schools

Just4Schools is a free, feature-packed operating account for your school.  It's a complete service package to help make managing your school finances as efficient and effective as possible.  True to our credit union tradition, we have made service excellence the driving force behind enhancements to this account. And with no transaction, statement or coin-handling fees, ever!

The tools and information you need.

  • Complimentary account management advice - we can coach you to optimize the funds in your account and we'll visit your school to assist you
  • Easier signing authority changes in our branches or we'll visit the school
  • The Just4Schools Operating Account earns daily interest, paid monthly
  • There are several companion services for making the most of your school's money:  Smart Savings, Tiered Interest Savings, Short Term Deposits, 1 Year Cashable Term Deposits, Longer Fixed Rate Term Deposits if needed.

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Community Builder Account

Our Community Builder account helps you keep costs low while giving you everything you need to manage the financial side of your non-profit group.

This account may be right for your business if:

  • You run a local charity, church, sports team, club or other non-profit organization
  • You don’t make many transactions each month
  • Require cheques


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Get Started

Call our Member Solutions Centre at 1.800.598.2891 or contact us and we'll visit your school to open your account.

You’re not just our customer, you’re a member and an owner 

That means you can be confident that your unique needs come first. We understand that everyone is different, and we tailor solutions that are just right for you. Our values prove it.