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What is construction financing?

Construction financing is a crucial financial solution in the world of real estate and development. It provides the necessary funds for builders, developers, and property owners to undertake construction projects, whether it's constructing new buildings, renovating existing ones, or infrastructure development. Typically, construction financing involves a structured disbursement of funds as the project progresses, ensuring that the necessary resources are available at each phase. These loans come with specific terms and interest rates, often based on project details, financial stability, and the borrower's creditworthiness.

Construction financing plays a pivotal role in the real estate industry by fueling growth and enabling the creation of new properties and infrastructure that shape our urban landscapes and communities.

Tandia works with builders and developers throughout Ontario, tailoring financing solutions for construction projects both large and small. Whatever size of project, Tandia will work to customize a financing plan to fit your unique needs.

Construction Financing Options

Commercial use property

Financing to cover both the purchase of the land and building improvements.

Office or Industrial buildings

Financing to renovate an existing property or build a new one.

Land development

When you need help getting undeveloped land construction-ready.

Residential homes

Financing for building new homes from the ground up.

Let's get started.

Your success is our success. Do you have questions about equipment leasing? Want to learn more about our commercial mortgages?  Need money for a construction project?  Your Account Manager or a member of our Business Services team is available to help you.

Financial solutions for non-profit groups and schools

As part of Tandia's commitment to all of the different communities we serve, we offer specialized and low-cost accounts for local community organizations such as churches, charities, teams, clubs or other non-profit groups. We also offer an operating account especially designed for schools.

Get ready for a unique experience.

We believe in providing better service, exceptional rates and a co-operative business model that puts our members first, not just profits. At Tandia, you’ll be treated as an individual, not a number – you're our friend and neighbour from down the street.

Tandia has specialized investment products and services that are customized and tailored for business clients. This includes accounts for community and non-profit organizations. Let us help you grow.

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