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Equipment Leasing

Equipment leasing provides an alternative to a large outlay of cash or borrowing to acquire the latest equipment and technology you need for your business to succeed and grow. Tandia offers a wide range of commercial equipment leasing and financing solutions with flexible payment options.


Cash flow advantages

  • Finance as much as 100% of the purchase price of your equipment
  • Payments are generally lower due to end-of-term residual value

Preserve your credit

  • Leasing expands your available capital
  • Does not interfere with your established credit lines

Types of commercial equipment we can help you lease include:

  • Construction
  • Machinery
  • Semi-trucks and trailers
  • Material handling equipment
  • Medical, laboratory and diagnostic equipment
  • Agriculture

Flexible Terms and Payments


Here at Tandia, we’ll work with you to develop terms, payment amounts and schedules that meet the needs and cash flow cycles of your business. We can even work with you to establish a leasing line of credit so that you can take advantage of equipment purchase opportunities as they arise.

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