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As unique as you.®

Welcome to Tandia Financial Credit Union.

At Tandia™, you’re not just our customer, you’re a member and an owner. That means you can be confident that your unique needs come first. We understand that everyone is different, and we tailor solutions that are just right for you.

We’re different too. We believe that financial institutions should be more accountable to the people they serve; we believe that there’s more than one way to measure success; and we believe that our profits should have a positive financial, social and environmental impact on the communities in which we live and work. Actions speak louder than words and we work hard to demonstrate our commitment each and every day.

Welcome to better service, exceptional rates, and a cooperative business model that recognizes that it’s about people, not just profits.  At Tandia, you’re not a number on some account ledger - you’re an individual and you’re our neighbour from down the street. You’re unique, and that matters to us.

Our Name

The name ‘Tandia’ was created by bringing together two meaningful words, ‘tandem’ which means ‘together’ and dia’, the Spanish word for ‘day’. This portmanteau conveys our vision and values and our promise to work closely alongside our members every day to help them build a healthy and prosperous future.

Our Vision

Tandia is driven to lead the cooperative banking movement by delivering unparalleled products and services through a mutually rewarding relationship with our members and the communities within which we operate.

Our Values


Mutually rewarding and enduring relationships are at the core of who we are and how we operate.  Our members come first and each member is unique.  Your concerns are our concerns and we strive every day to gain and maintain your trust. 


We are committed to providing the highest level of service delivered with sensitivity and care.  We also wholeheartedly embrace our role as a leading corporate citizen and endeavour to support the needs and interests of the wider community in everything we do.


We welcome change and operate with a spirit of openness and flexibility.  We don't accept the status quo.  This means never resting on our laurels and always being responsive to the needs of our members and the communities in which we operate.

®AS UNIQUE AS YOU is a registered trademark owned by Tandia Financial Credit Union Limited.

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