About Secure Email

A more secure way to communicate with us.

Tandia's Secure Email uses encryption which is a cyber-secure method of transmitting information so only the intended recipient can read the contents of an email. This helps to ensure the confidentiality of the email and protects information from being stolen or accidentally accessed by unintended recipients.

When you Contact Us through our website, the information you share with us is transmitted securely. When we respond to you or at any time need to share information with you that is deemed as “private” and/or “confidential” because it contains personal information about you and your accounts with Tandia, you will now receive the information via Secure Email.

It's easy to use.

In order to view a Secure Email from us, a one-time registration process will be required. Simply set up a password as requested when you receive your first encrypted message, and you can easily receive emails, reply securely and add attachments to these emails.

Secure Email