Taking a Vacation

Time to get away

The hectic pace of everyday life can start to wear on all of us at some point. It's nice to have a break, a change of scenery. Load the kids into the van and hit the road to family fun. Explore the jungles of Costa Rica with an experienced guide. Enjoy a quiet after-dinner gondola ride in Venice with that special someone. Tandia can help you save and plan for that special getaway.

Expenses Expand/Collapse

Travel agencies offer packages that are designed to meet all kinds of holiday desires. This can be a good way to save money, but may not suit your individual needs. Traveling by car provides a lot of freedom, but the distance you can travel is then limited.
The most popular method of vacation travel is by plane. Full-fare tickets offer the most flexibility and fewest restrictions, but they come at a price. If you can travel outside one of the peak seasons, and know the dates you want to leave and return well in advance, discount airfare is available. Seat sales are limited and can't be counted on, especially for large families.

Staying in hotels and eating in restaurants can get expensive. Do some research before you leave. There are a lot of books and websites to help you find the accommodations and places to eat that are right for you.

Travel insurance Expand/Collapse

Travel insurance helps protect your family, your future and your trip against unexpected medical expenses while travelling away from home.  Even within Canada while travelling in another province, not all costs associated with your medical care are provided by your provincial health plan, so make sure you add travel insurance to your list of things to pack.  

Tandia can provide you with comprehensive travel insurance for your next trip.  Call us or visit your branch for more details. 

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We can help you enjoy peace of mind travel -- it's always a good idea to confirm available banking services in the country you will be visiting.
If you are plannig a trip overseas, contact our Member Solutions Centre (1.800.598.2891) as part of your pre-travel planning to discuss and confirm the banking services that are available in your country of travel.

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