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​Let’s grow together. 3.50% 

A members-only Investment Shares Offering – Series 2021* 

Grow more than just your savings

For a limited time, members can invest in Tandia Class B Investment Shares, Series 2021. These shares not only offer the potential to realize an excellent rate of return, they help Tandia build for future growth and investment in our communities. 

Investing in growth for all of us

For members with a longer-term investment horizon, Investment Shares provide an excellent opportunity to diversify with the potential of achieving a higher return.

  • Invest between $1,000 and $250,000
  • Investment options for this Series are Term Deposits, TFSA and RRSP
  • Minimum investment period is five yearsRedemption after five years is limited
  • We can help you transfer savings from other financial institutions
  • For complete details, please refer to the Offering Statement

​Invest in something greater

At Tandia, members are working together to build the diverse, dynamic community we all want to be part of and the prosperous future we all want to share. This is our opportunity to grow together. What could be more rewarding than that?

*Like mutual funds and other moderate-risk investment options, Investment Shares are not insured, and dividends are not guaranteed. Please read the full Offering Statement before investing.

FAQs and Figures

Frequently Asked Questions about Tandia Class B Investment Shares, Series 2021