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Unlock your financial super power with a Credit Union.

Imagine this: a visit to a financial institution that feels like hanging out with your best friend. Say hello to Credit Unions – where safety, security, and stellar service are the name of the game. Sure, we offer all the usual banking services, but we do things differently, and we’re proud of that. Read on as we unveil what sets us apart and why we're the cool kids on the financial block.

So, what's the deal with Credit Unions?

Credit Unions are the ultimate financial superheroes. They're not-for-profit institutions that do it all: They accept deposits, offer loans, and provide a smorgasbord of financial services and products. But here's the kicker – they're owned by their members. That means you're not just another customer; you have a say in how things operate. It's like being a financial VIP with the power to vote for the board of directors. Plus, credit unions are meticulously regulated, ensuring your hard-earned cash is locked up tight.

Some Fun Facts (and yes, finances can be fun too!):

  • Ding, ding, ding! Credit unions give you access to thousands of ding-free® ATMs across the country. That means more ATMs at your fingertips than even the biggest banks have. And the best part? Say goodbye to many of those pesky fees. Intrigued? Dive into the details here.

  • Get in on the action! Did you know that 10 million Canadians are already members of a Credit Union? They've discovered the best kept secret and are reaping the rewards. Don't miss out; join the party!

  • Credit unions are champions of their communities. They believe in giving back – and do they ever deliver. Through generous initiatives and volunteer efforts, they're making a real difference in the places we call home.

Ready to unlock a brighter financial future?

Now that you're up to speed, are you ready to level up your financial game? Embrace the safety, security, and outstanding service that Credit Unions offer. Say goodbye to the impersonal banking experience and hello to a world where you're not just a customer, but a valued member. Together, we'll conquer the financial landscape and help our communities thrive. We’d love to be your financial partner for life – start your feel-good financial journey and learn more about us here, or come and say hello – we’d love to meet you!


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A credit union is a not-for-profit financial institution that accepts deposits, makes loans, and provides a wide array of other financial services and products.

Credit unions are among the country’s soundest financial institutions. At credit unions your deposits are safe and protected.


Giving back generously to our community to make a positive financial, social and environmental impact is an important part of what Tandia stands for. 


Investing in each other always pays off. From our Strive for Success Program to our Financial Literacy programs, Tandia aims to make a positive impact.