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Strive for Success

Together let’s help students achieve success socially, academically and athletically.

Teachers and educators, does your class or school have a new or existing program that needs assistance?

Apply for 1 of 10 Tandia Strive for Success Grants.

  • School/Educator applying
  • Project titleProject budget
  • Is it a new or existing program?
  • Project description
  • Project details including materials required
  • Number of students impacted
  • How does it contribute to the success of a student(s)?
  • Will you require external volunteers?
  • Describe how Tandia’s financial contribution will assist with the program
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Good things happen when we share

Help us spread the word about Tandia to your family, friends and co-workers and we’ll reward both you and the person you refer with $25 cash*. 

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