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Ways to Bank

We're here to help. Whether it's online, using your mobile device, at an ATM or at a branch we've got the answers you need. 

Member Solutions Center

Tandia's telephone system provides easy and direct contact options using one familiar number that can put you in touch with our entire organization. You can reach any branch or specific staff through our Member Solutions Centre "one-stop-shopping" number.

Talk to a Member Solutions Centre Associate – Press 1

Often, your question can be answered or your application or transaction can be completed over the phone during regular business hours by one of our knowledgeable Member Solutions Associates.  After hours, you may leave a brief message.

Reach Staff Members or Your Branch Directly – Press 4

If you already know the extension of the person you wish to reach, you can enter it immediately. Alternatively, a directory of staff is available when you press 1.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card – Press 6

Details on how to report a lost or stolen MEMBER CARD® debit card both during and after regular business hours is provided when you press 6.


Contact our Member Solutions Centre at 1-800-598-2891 during regular business hours, or Contact Us anytime using the form.

®MEMBER CARD is a registered certification mark owned by the Canadian Credit Union Association and is used under license.

Online Banking

Your Personal Access Code (PAC) and login authentication give you access to these 24/7 services and guarantee that your accounts and transactions are private and secure.

Please note that your PAC is different from your PIN and must be kept confidential - we encourage you to memorize it.

If you don't have a PAC contact your local branch or the Member Solutions Centre 1-800-598-2891

Getting started

Using online banking is as easy as point and click. To get started, obtain a PAC, log onto our website, click on 'login to online banking' and follow the online instructions to easy money management.

For technical assistance

For online banking technical assistance, please call our Member Solutions Centre at 1-800-598-2891 or contact us.

Messages left after regular business hours will be followed up on the next business day.

With online banking you can:

  • Check account balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts under your membership (future dated, immediate, recurring)
  • Transfer funds to another member's account (i.e. family member)*
  • Transfer funds to or from your account at another Canadian financial institution (Me2Me Transfers)*
  • Setup and conduct Interac® e-Transfers
  • View and print your transaction history or statement information (e-statements)
  • Pay bills (current or post-dated)
  • Make loan payments
  • Search for specific account information
  • Place stop payments on cheques
  • Order cheques
  • View detailed RRSP/RRIF account information
  • Setup security Alerts via email or text message
  • View your Qtrade accounts with AccountPlus
Member Debit Card
Your key to co-operative banking.

A Tandia MEMBER CARD® debit card offers the latest in chip-card technology including the convenience of Interac® Flash. The card provides safe and secure access to your account(s) through a worldwide network of ATMs and at most retail merchants in Canada and the US. It gives you the freedom to access your funds instantly, and the control to spend only what you can afford.

All you need is your own Personal Identification Number (PIN) which you can obtain and/or change any time you feel you need to at your branch or any Tandia ATM or EXCHANGE® Network ATM.

  • Minimizes the need to carry cash.
  • Once activated with a PIN (personal identification number) your MEMBER CARD® debit card provides convenient access to your chequing and savings accounts at ATMs and Interac® direct payment services at participating merchants.
  • You will enjoy the convenience of Interac® Flash for smaller purchases at participating merchants - you can just tap and go.
  • Parental consent is required if you are under the age of 18.
Card lost or stolen?

Once we are advised, you are not liable for any money removed from your account without your permission.  You can report a lost or stolen MEMBER CARD® debit card during regular business hours by calling our Member Solutions Centre at 1-800-598-2891. After hours, please call our Card Services partner at 1-888-277-1043.


Contact our Member Solutions Centre at 1-800-598-2891 during regular business hours, or contact us ​.

®MEMBER CARD is a registered certification mark owned by the Canadian Credit Union Association and is used under license.

Branch ATMs

Each of our branches is equipped with a full-service ATM, and our Ancaster and Acton branch locations also have a drive-thru ATM. Your Tandia account is also accessible to you with no addtional fees at thousands of ATMs across Canada.

A National Surcharge-Free ATM Network

THE EXCHANGE® is a network of banks and credit unions that have come together and agreed to never charge each other’s cardholders any surcharge fees—at thousands of ATMs across Canada.

As a proprietary ATM network, THE EXCHANGE® Network offers the only inter-institutional, full-function ATM network in Canada.

Through this partnership, you can make surcharge-free withdrawals, deposits or PIN changes, Canada-wide. You will never pay any surcharge fees to access your own money even if you use another member institution’s ATM network. Of course, you still have to pay your normal account fees but that’s it, nothing extra.

So long as the ATM you are using is part of THE EXCHANGE® Network, bank customers can use credit union ATMs and Credit Union members can use bank ATMs, surcharge-free. Just look for ATMs with THE EXCHANGE® logo.

Learn more about THE EXCHANGE® Network.

US Accel® Point of Sale Network

Many financial institutions also offer access to the Accel Point of Sale (POS) debit network in the United States. The Accel network is one of the largest POS networks in the United States with more than 3,000,000 merchant locations in the network.

The Accel network in the United States works exactly the same way debit card purchases work at home. Purchases are paid for by swiping or inserting your debit card and verifying the transaction with your confidential PIN. As an added value, a cash back option is also available at the majority of merchants.


Contact our Member Solutions Centre at 1-800-598-2891 during regular business hours, or contact us.​

Interact Flash

MEMBER CARD® debit cards with Interac® Flash are being issued by Tandia as of November 2016. Interac Inc. has issued an awareness brochure for handy reference, and here are some frequently asked questions about the new Interac Flash feature.

1. What is Interac Flash?

Interac Flash is the contactless payment functionality technology that is being added to new Tandia MEMBER CARD debit cards. It allows you to pay for smaller purchases faster and easier by just holding up your Flash-enabled debit card to a point of sale terminal that supports this contactless functionality. The purchase will automatically be deducted from your primary transaction account without having to insert your card in the chip reader or use your PIN (Personal Identification Number).

You don’t HAVE to use Interac Flash for smaller purchases – you can continue to insert your card and use your chip/PIN for any point-of-sale transaction - it is simply an added payment convenience available if and whenever you choose to use it.

2. How do I use my new Interac Flash debit card?

It’s important to know that when you receive your new Interac Flash card and use it for the first time, that you must insert your card and use your PIN for the first transaction. Interac Flash will then be activated for future transactions.

Additionally, the store’s point of sale terminal must support this form of contactless payment. Look for the contactless logo on the device screen or you can ask the business if they accept Interac Flash. Then, simply hold your card on the supporting reader and a beep and/or an approved message on the screen will indicate that your transaction has been completed and funds have been immediately debited from your account.

3. How secure is Interac Flash?

There are several security features in place that ensure Interac Flash debit cards are safe. Interac Flash leverages secure chip processing. This protects Interac Flash against skimming, counterfeiting and transaction replay types of fraud, including electronic pick-pocketing. Interac Flash technology protects your card from being copied and counterfeited.

Consumers are fully protected with Interac Zero Liability Policy that allows for 100% reimbursement of funds if your card is lost or stolen.

In addition, as an added security measure to ensure that your card is in your possession, the point of sale terminal will randomly and from time to time disallow the use of the contactless method for the transaction, and prompt you to insert the card and enter your PIN.  This ensures that the rightful card owner is in possession of the card.

4. Will my current PIN work on my new Interac Flash debit card?

No, we regret that we cannot replace an active Member Card debit card with an Interac Flash-enabled replacement without issuing a new PIN. In advance of receiving your new Interac Flash card via mail, you will receive a separate mailer with a new PIN. If your card is issued at a branch, you can re-PIN your new card right then and there. You can change your PIN at any time by visiting a Tandia branch or at any Tandia ATM or Exchange Network ATM location.

5. Are there fees associated with using Interac Flash?

There are no additional or new fees associated with Interac Flash transactions - the fees remain the same and are dependent on the type of account being debited. Please refer to Interac Direct Payment fees in our Service Fee Bulletin.

6. What are the limits on Interac Flash transactions?

For security purposes, you can “tap” your card to pay for transactions that are $100 or less, and may do multiple transactions in one day, up to a total of $200. After that point, you must re-enter your PIN at a point-of-sale terminal which will then reset your $200 limit allowing for subsequent Interac Flash purchases.

7. Can the limits on Interac Flash Member Card debit cards be customized?

No, the limits are set by Interac® and cannot be altered.

8. Are Interac Flash limits included in the overall point-of-sale daily transaction limits?


9. Can I deactivate Interac Flash on my Member Card debit card?

If you do not wish to have the Interac Flash feature on your new Member Card debit card, you can request that it be disabled at any branch or through the Member Solutions Centre.

10. Can I reactivate the Interac Flash feature later?

Yes, you can reactivate in the future, however there will be a reactivation fee of $15.00 due to the network costs that Tandia incurs to make these changes to your Interac Flash debit card.

11. What happens in the event of a lost/stolen Interac Flash Member Card debit card?

Remember, Interac Flash is backed by Interac’s Zero Liability Policy to protect you from unauthorized use of your card. Don’t panic but please contact us immediately – during regular business hours, you can call us at 1-800-598-2891 and we will talk you through the process from start to finish. After hours, please call our Card Services partner at 1-800-567-8111 or collect 1-306-566-1276.

12. Can I accidentally pay for something if I stand or hold my debit card too close to a terminal?

Two things would have to happen at the same time for a transaction to go through while your card is still in your wallet. First, the point-of-sale terminal would have to be ready to receive a debit transaction. Second, your card would have to get within 4 cm of the terminal. It is good to be aware of where your card is when entering line-ups for purchases, but making a purchase without being aware is virtually impossible.

Mobile Pay
Apple Pay

Tandia is pleased to offer you the latest in payment technology for everyday purchases. If you have a Tandia MEMBER CARD® debit card and an eligible Apple device, then you’re all set for Apple Pay.

Learn more about Apple Pay by clicking here

Samsung Pay

Making everyday purchases is fast, more secure and convenient with Samsung Pay.Swipe up from the home button for a simple way to access your Tandia MEMBER CARD debit card.

Purchases can be authenticated with your PIN, iris or fingerprint* before tapping your Samsung phone over a POS terminal. Your information is further protected with network tokenization technology, remote disabling options and security measures set by Tandia.

Learn more about Samsung Pay by clicking here

Google Pay

Google Pay is the fast, simple way to pay on sites, in apps and in stores using cards that are saved to your Google Wallet. It protects your payment info with multiple layers of security and makes it easy to send money, store tickets, or cash in on rewards - all from one convenient place.

When you pay in shops, Google Pay doesn't share your actual card number, so your information stays secure. Plus, you can check out faster with the device that's already in your hand - no need to dig for your wallet.

Learn more about Google Pay by clicking here

Online Banking Features
Deposit Anywhere™

With Deposit Anywhere™, you can quickly and securely deposit cheques with your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere, day or night.

So whether you’re at coffee with friends, at work, or staying up late to get your banking done – any time is the right time to deposit cheques.

Here’s how it works:

1. Log in to Tandia™ Mobile on your smartphone or tablet and select the Deposit Anywhere icon.
2. Select your account and enter the cheque amount.
3. Snap a photo of the front and then the back of the cheque.
4. Confirm the details and tap ‘submit’.  That’s it!

Free, fast & secure.

Deposit Anywhere is a free service and just as secure as depositing your cheque at a branch or ATM.  Plus, it’s fast.  Most people complete their deposit in less than a minute and can do it from anywhere and at any time.

Deposit Anywhere is available only through Tandia™ Mobile.  Download our mobile banking app today:

Google Play Store

App Store

About Interac e-Transfer

Interac e-Transfer® is a convenient way to exchange money quickly, easily and securely, whether you want to transfer just a few dollars or a few hundred dollars. A transaction can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

Send Money

You can Send Money to anyone with an email address or a mobile phone number and a Canadian deposit account. You do not need to know the recipient’s financial institution details or account information. Email and/or text message is utilized for fast notification to the recipient that a transfer has been sent.

  • Send Money to anyone with an email address or mobile phone number and a Canadian deposit account.
  • Recipient can receive notifications by email address or by text message and receive money from a desktop or mobile device.
  • The maximum daily transfer-out amount is $3,000 (weekly and monthly limits also apply)
  • Interac e-Transfer Fee applies when a Send Money is sent -  see our Service Fee Bulletin for details. Special note: As of December 5, 2018, Send Money is fee-free for most personal chequing plans.
Request Money

Waiting on a payment from someone? With the Request Money feature, you can send a request for money and if accepted by the recipient, the requested funds will be automatically deposited into your account. Email and/or text message is utilized for fast notification from the requestor to the recipient that a request for payment has been made.

  • Once Autodeposit is set up for your email address, all Interac e-Transfers sent to that address will automatically be deposited, as long as the sender’s financial institution also supports Autodeposit and the sender does not otherwise require you to answer a security question.
  • You will receive notification via email and/or text message when an Autodeposit has occurred.
  • Autodeposit is fee-free.

You can get your money even faster and potentially save yourself the extra step of answering the security question with Autodeposit. By registering your email address with Interac, all e-Transfers sent to that address will automatically be deposited into your chosen account.

  • Once Autodeposit is set up for your email address, all Interac e-Transfers sent to that address will automatically be deposited, as long as the sender’s financial institution also supports Autodeposit and the sender does not otherwise require you to answer a security question.
  • You will receive notification via email and/or text message when an Autodeposit has occurred.
  • Autodeposit is fee-free.
Send Money Internationally

Western Union® Money Transfers via Interac e-Transfer® allows you to send money internationally to 489,000 Western Union® Agent locations in over 200 countries where recipients can receive cash in the local currency. As with a standard Interac e-Transfer®, you don't need to share financial information and it's accessible through online or mobile banking.

  • 24/7 availability to send money internationally through online banking
  • Funds may be available for recipient pickup in approximately 30 minutes
  • Ability to track your transfer in online banking until it is delivered
  • The recipient must present valid identification and a Money Transfer Control Number provided by the sender
  • The minimum transfer-out amount is $10.00 and the maximum daily transfer amount is $999.99 (weekly and monthly limits also apply)
  • Western Union® Money Transfers via Interac e-Transfer® Fee applies, see our Service Fee Bulletin for details.
About Me2Me Transfers

Members can transfer funds between Tandia accounts and accounts at other Canadian financial institutions.

Convenient and secure
  • Me2Me Transfers are a convenient way to transfer money, saving you trips between financial institutions or an alternative to writing yourself a cheque and the expense of a wire transfer.
  • Complete and return a one-time Me2Me Transfer Authorization form to set up Me2Me Transfers through online banking.
  • Me2Me Transfers offer the same level of security and confidentiality as online banking transactions.
  • Me2Me Transfers are fee-free
  • Transfers are allowed between Canadian financial institutions only
  • Me2Me Transfers may take up to five business days to complete the clearing process
  • Money may be transferred between US dollar accounts, but both US accounts must be held at Canadian financial institutions; transfers may not be made between CDN dollar and US dollar accounts.
  • Me2Me Transfers are permitted for personal memberships only
  • Personal memberships requiring more than one signature for transactions may not use this service.
  • The per transaction/daily outgoing transfer limit is $10,000. The per transaction/daily incoming transfer limit is also $10,000. Weekly and monthly limits also apply; see below for details.
  • There are no additional fees for incoming or outgoing Me2Me Transfers (beyond the applicable account debit transaction fees, if any).

7 Day Period Limit: Total Outgoing in 7 day period - $50,000; Total Incoming in 7 day period - $50,000.

31 Day Period Limit: Total Outgoing in 31 day period - $100,000; Total Incoming in 31 day period - $100,000.

Additional Q’s and A’s about Me2Me Transfers:
1. What is a Me2Me Transfer?

A Me2Me Transfer lets you transfer funds to and from your accounts held at Tandia/DirecTCU and those held at other financial institutions.

2. Who can use this service?

All members can use Me2Me Transfers except business accounts and personal accounts that require two or more signatures to perform transactions. You will need access to online banking. If you are not already signed up for online banking, contact your branch or call our Member Solutions Centre to get started.

3. How do I use Me2Me Transfers?

To get started, you need to complete and submit one simple Me2Me Transfer Authorization form available in online banking (under the Transfer Money tab - see Me2Me Transfers). You will need the branch, institution and account number (i.e. as displayed in the MICR encoding on a personal cheque form) of the account you wish to transfer funds to or from to complete the form, as well as provide a void sample cheque for the other financial institution account. A test transaction is required for setup and is explained on the authorization form. Initial setup can take up to 5 business days.

4. What does it cost to use this service?

There are no additional fees for incoming or outgoing Me2Me Transfers beyond the applicable account debit transaction fees.  You may want to check with your other financial institution(s) regarding applicable fees before linking your accounts for Me2Me Transfers.

5. Is there a limit on how much I can transfer?

The per transaction/daily outgoing transfer limit is $10,000.  The per transaction/daily incoming transfer limit is also $10,000. Weekly and monthly limits also apply.

6. Are there any holds on my money when transferring?

All incoming Me to Me Transfers can be held up to five business days.

7. Can I transfer US dollars?

You can transfer between US accounts but both US accounts must be at Canadian financial institutions. You cannot transfer CDN dollars to a US account.

About Mobile Banking
We've got you covered

Whether you have a basic feature phone that supports text messaging or a smart phone or tablet with data or wifi, you can stay connected to your finances on-the-go with a complete suite of Mobile Banking options.

  • Tandia™ Mobile with Deposit Anywhere&trade
  • Mobile Web Banking
  • Mobile Text Banking

To use any of our Mobile Banking options, your mobile device must support web browsing or text messaging. Rates and accessibility will depend on your device and your carrier. Please check with your specific carrier for more information on rates for these features.

Introducing Tandia™ Mobile

Tandia™ is proud to provide a mobile app with market-leading functionality called Tandia™ Mobile, available at both the App Store for Apple mobile devices (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch) and the Google Play Store for Android mobile devices.

The app is free and immediately accessible to members who have access to online banking – the login credentials are exactly the same.

Tandia™ Mobile Highlights

With Tandia Mobile’s fast and easy navigation, you can do all the everyday banking activities you’d expect like:

  • Review account details and transaction history
  • Pay bills and transfer money including Interac® e-Transfer 
  • Check Rates, find Branch and ATM locations and access handy financial Calculators.

In addition, with the app’s handy QuickView feature enabled, you can check your account balances anytime and conveniently at a glance without having to log in!  A single tap of the screen will keep you in the know.

And quite possibly best of all, you can now conveniently deposit cheques using your mobile device with the NEW Deposit Anywhere™ feature available only with Tandia Mobile.

Privacy and Security

It’s our priority to keep your information safe, which is why our mobile app uses the same level of high security as our full online banking website.  For more information, review our Internet Security page.

Get Tandia™ Mobile Today

It’s easy to get started on your Apple or Android mobile device – simply download Tandia Mobile from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once downloaded, simply use the same login that you use for online banking and you are on your way.


Get the answers to some frequently asked questions about Tandia Mobile:

1. What is a mobile app? 

A mobile application (mobile app) is software that can be downloaded from an online app store and installed onto a compatible mobile device. Mobile apps offer diverse functions and activities ranging from games and social networking, to business, e-commerce and financial applications.

Tandia™ Mobile is a mobile banking application available for both Android and Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) devices and offers the most sought-after features of mobile banking apps including QuickView and Deposit Anywhere™.

2. Do I have to pay anything? 

Absolutely not. Tandia Mobile is free for our members to download, and you will never be charged for using the app. However, since the mobile app uses data, your carrier may charge, so standard data and messaging rates may apply.

3. How do I download the mobile app?

Tandia Mobile can be downloaded in just three easy steps:

For Apple devices:
• Using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, search for Tandia™ Mobile in the App Store
• Select the app icon,and verify that the author of the app is Tandia
• Tap the icon marked "Free," then tap again when it changes to "Install"

For Android devices:
• Using your Android device, search for Tandia™ Mobile in the Google Play Store
• Select the app icon, and verify that the author of the app is Tandia
• Tap the icon marked "Install" then tap “Accept” in the next screen

4. What is QuickView?

The unique QuickView feature displays the balances of your selected accounts at any time the app is open, without needing to login first.

5. Does the QuickView feature automatically display my balances? 

When you first download the app, for your convenience the default setting of the QuickView feature is "On". You can turn the QuickView feature ‘off’ under Settings / Preferences on the mobile app.

6. Will the mobile app work if I have a shared or joint account?

Yes. Just enter your account details as you normally would for online banking.

7. If my phone is lost or stolen, will my information be at risk?

Your account can only be accessed by entering your personal access code. However, if you've activated the QuickView feature, your account balances will be visible. For additional security, we recommend you keep your mobile device password protected. Please note: at any time, you can stop the mobile app from accessing your account information by un-pairing it through regular online banking.

As a rule, you should contact your mobile carrier right away to deactivate your device if it’s lost or stolen. You may also change your personal access code (PAC) by contacting us or calling our Member Solutions Centre at 1.800.598.2891.

8. How do I remove the app from my mobile device?

Removing the app is as easy as tapping and holding your finger down on the Tandia™ Mobile icon, then tapping the "X" in the top right corner.

™App Store is a trademark of Apple Inc.
®iPad, iPhone and iPod touch are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
™Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.
®BlackBerry is the registered trademark of BlackBerry Limited, the exclusive rights to which are expressly reserved. Tandia Financial Credit Union Limited is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or otherwise authorized by BlackBerry Limited.
™DEPOSIT ANYWHERE is a trademark of Central 1 Credit Union, used under license.
®INTERAC is a Trademark owned by Interac® Inc. and is used under license.

Mobile Web Banking

Mobile Web Banking provides a feature-rich mobile banking website designed specifically for the web browser of a smartphone or other mobile device, like a tablet or iPad.  It delivers the same high level of security and functionality as our desktop/laptop Online Banking and has been optimized for smaller screens.  Members can easily access account activity and perform transactions without the need to pinch, scroll or zoom.

With Mobile Web Banking, you can:

  • View account balances and account history
  • Pay bills (immediate and scheduled)
  • Transfer funds (immediate and scheduled)
  • Make mobile person-to-person payments through INTERAC® e-Transfer
  • Find a branch or ATM nearby
  • Use the memorized accounts feature of Online Banking
  • View current rates
  • Access calculators
  • Contact us securely
Safe and Secure

Mobile Web Banking has you covered with the same log in and password protection as Online Banking.

Easy to Access

Mobile Web Banking works with any and all smart mobile devices and there’s no application installation or download required. To access, simple visit using your mobile web browser.

Get answers to some frequently asked questions about Deposit Anywhere™:

1. What is Deposit Anywhere™? 

Deposit Anywhere™ is a feature on our mobile app that allows you to deposit cheques by taking a photo of them and submitting them to Tandia, anywhere, day or night.

2. How do I get Deposit Anywhere?

Deposit Anywhere is available with the Tandia Mobile app. Download the app today:

App StoreGoogle Play Store.

3. How do I use Deposit Anywhere?

Depositing a cheque with Deposit Anywhere™ is easy. First, sign/endorse the back of your cheque. Then, open up our mobile app, tap the ‘deposit’ icon, select the account you’d like the funds to be deposited to, enter the amount, take a photo of the front and then the back of the cheque, confirm the details and tap ‘submit’. The funds will be then be deposited securely into your account.

4. Are there any fees for using Deposit Anywhere?

No, there are no fees to use this service.

5. What types of cheques can I deposit? 

You can deposit cheques payable in Canadian dollars and drawn at any Canadian financial institution.  Cheques must be payable to the account holder.

6. How will I know if there is an issue with my deposit after I submit the cheque?

In the rare circumstance that there is an issue with the deposit after you receive confirmation during the deposit, you will be contacted by us.

7. Do I have to mail in the cheques I deposit afterwards?

No. Once you have submitted the cheques using Deposit Anywhere, you do not need to send your cheques to the branch.

8. What if I accidentally try to re-deposit the same cheque? 

The technology behind Deposit Anywhere will detect a duplicate cheque deposit and will not accept it. To minimize the chance of this happening, we recommend that you make a note of the date deposited on the back of each cheque immediately after depositing.

9. What should I do with my paper cheques afterwards?

The cheques should be destroyed after 90 days.

10. What happens if I enter the wrong amount by mistake?

Sometimes mistakes happen.  But not to worry, we will double check all the information to ensure the right amount is deposited quickly and securely into your account.  If you do have any questions about the cheques your submit, call us or visit your branch.

11. Can I use the funds right away?

Similar to deposits at an ATM or in the branch, standard holds on deposit items apply and funds will require three business days to clear.  Additional holds may be applicable; please call us or visit your branch for details.

12. Is depositing cheques with a mobile phone safe?

Yes. As a key feature of our mobile app, Deposit Anywhere meets the same high standards as our online banking service.

DEPOSIT ANYWHERE™ is a trademark of Central 1 Credit Union, used under license.

Mobile Text Banking

Don't have a smart phone? We have a text-message Mobile Banking solution for you too! With a text plan for your mobile plan, you can:

  • View your account balance(s)
  • View your recent transaction history
  • Add, remove or edit a cell phone
  • Add, remove or edit the accounts you view through Mobile Banking

To get started, simply login to Online Banking, click on the Member Services tab and then select Mobile Banking from the menu. It'll only take a few minutes.

Mobile Text Banking questions and answers:
1. What is Mobile Text banking?

Mobile Text Banking is the ability to do your banking on the fly using a mobile feature phone. Whether you’re shopping at the mall, hanging out at a friend’s place, or eating at your favorite restaurant, with Mobile Text Banking you have access to balances and transaction history right at your fingertips. Just register your phone first through Online Banking and you can start Mobile Text Banking today!

2. Will Mobile Text Banking work on my basic phone?

It will work on most feature phones that are less than 5 years old and support text messaging. However, if you are experiencing problems, please check with your carrier (e.g. TELUS, Rogers) for details on fees, accessibility, and delivery time.

3. What can I do using Mobile Text Banking?

You can see the account balance and recent transaction history of any account you set up. Just register your cell phone through Online Banking and you’ll be set to go.

4. What does it cost to use Mobile Banking?

There is no cost to use Mobile Banking. Please check with your mobile carrier for information on any charges for sending and receiving text messages that are applicable to you.

5. I want to sign up now. How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Registering is simple if you have a cell phone that supports text messaging and online banking access to your account(s) with Tandia:

  • Log in to Online Banking (click on the Member Services tab at the top and then select Mobile Banking from the menu).
  • Register your cell phone.
  • Select your accounts and confirm your Passcode.

Don’t have access to Online Banking? Just visit your branch or call our Member Solutions Centre 1-800-598-2891 for assistance.

6. Is my personal information as secure in Mobile Banking as Online Banking?

Yes, your personal information is as secure in Mobile Banking as Online Banking.

7. What if I misplace my mobile phone or if it is lost or stolen?

If you have temporarily misplaced your mobile phone (e.g. you left it at work), you can disable Mobile Banking by visiting the Preferences page in Online Banking. Once you locate your phone, simply go online and enable the feature again.

If you have lost your mobile phone or if it was stolen, please follow your mobile carrier’s recommended procedures for this scenario and contact your mobile carrier immediately. You can delete your phone completely from Mobile Banking by visiting the Preferences page within Online Banking.

8. Will Mobile Text Banking work outside of Canada?

This service is designed to work on mobile phones from a Canadian mobile carrier on a Canadian mobile network. However, if your Canadian mobile carrier has a roaming agreement with a foreign carrier, you can expect Mobile Banking to work.

9. I have never used text messaging on my mobile phone before. How do I send a text message?

Please refer to you owner’s manual for your mobile phone on how to send a text message or contact your carrier for assistance.

10. I have changed carriers and/or have changed phone numbers. Will Mobile Banking work?

As a security precaution, Mobile Banking is set to Disabled status. Please send a text keyword command and you will receive instructions that will guide you on how to enable your cell phone.

11. I have changed my password in Online Banking. Do I have to change anything in Mobile Banking?

You will have to login to Mobile Banking after you’ve changed your password so that the two systems can synchronize your passwords. You don’t have to change anything -- just login and log back out. One simple step!


Contact our Member Solutions Centre at 1-800-598-2891 during regular business hours, or contact us.

About Secure Email
A more secure way to communicate with us.

Tandia's Secure Email uses encryption which is a cyber-secure method of transmitting information so only the intended recipient can read the contents of an email. This helps to ensure the confidentiality of the email and protects information from being stolen or accidentally accessed by unintended recipients.

When you contact us through our website, the information you share with us is transmitted securely. When we respond to you or at any time need to share information with you that is deemed as “private” and/or “confidential” because it contains personal information about you and your accounts with Tandia, you will now receive the information via Secure Email.

It's easy to use.

In order to view a Secure Email from us, a one-time registration process will be required. Simply set up a password as requested when you receive your first encrypted message, and you can easily receive emails, reply securely and add attachments to these emails.

More about Online Banking
Alert Notifications

Safety on the Internet includes taking steps to ensure only authorized access and usage of your accounts online. When activated, online banking Alerts will notify you of certain online banking activities by email or text message or both, anytime, anywhere.

The following Alerts are available:

  • Online Login Personal Access Code Changed
  • Online Banking Locked - Incorrect Response to Security Question
  • Bill Payee Added
  • INTERAC® e-Transfer Recipient Added

We encourage you to activate all these Alerts. To do so, simply login to online banking, click on Messages and Alerts in the left menu and follow the quick and easy instructions.

Alert Notifications questions and answers:

Learn more about Alert Notifications by reviewing these frequently asked questions:

1. What are online banking Alerts?

Alerts allow members to receive notifications about specific banking activities. Alerts are set up and edited in online banking. Currently five types of Alerts are available and we will add to the available Alerts as our technology allows.

2. How does a member receive Alerts?

Alerts can be received by both email and text message.

3. Is there a charge for setting up or using Alerts?

There are no setup charges and there is no charge to members for receiving Alerts by email. However, when members receive text message Alerts, their wireless carrier may charge for receiving text messages. Members are advised to check with their wireless carrier for details.

4. Is any personally identifiable information contained in an Alert message?

Personal or personally identifiable information is not transmitted in the Alert message.

5. Can a member choose to stop receiving Alerts?

Yes, within online banking members can edit and remove Alerts.

6. Are members guaranteed to receive Alerts sent to them?

Alerts cannot be guaranteed to be received because of the potential for an unstable wireless and Internet networks in general. These networks are open to service interruptions and members may move out of service range, which can cause a delay in receiving text messages. Members can check the Alerts sent to them on the 'Alerts History' page in online banking which lists all the Alerts sent within the last 30 days.

A consolidated Online View of your Finances.

Tandia is pleased to offer AccountPlus™ - an online banking feature that provides a consolidated view of your accounts. The AccountPlus feature brings you one step closer to complete financial management.

With AccountPlus, in addition to your credit union accounts you can view other credit union financial partners’ accounts such as registered and non-registered investments. The current partners include NEI Investments, Qtrade Advisor, Qtrade Asset Management Inc. and Qtrade Investor.

  • See all of your accounts and investments in one consolidated view.
  • View your current balance, holdings and transaction details for each account.
  • You're in control - add only the accounts you want to view; remove accounts at any time.
Getting Started

Setting up AccountPlus is easy. All you need is online banking access to your account and current statements for each partner account you would like to link up. Once you have logged into online banking and selected the ‘Member Services’ tab, the ‘Manage AccountPlus’ screen will be accessible. You will be able to link each account in a matter of minutes. To ensure your privacy and security each account has to be linked separately within the ‘Manage AccountPlus’ feature. It’s that easy!

​Linking a Partner Account in Online Banking
Getting started:

Before you begin, you will need your Ethical Funds® client ID, your Qtrade Asset Management client number, and/or your Qtrade Advisor investment number. These numbers can be located on copies of your statements.

Step 1 – Login to online banking:
  • Select the ‘Member Services’ tab at the top of the online banking opening screen.
  • Select ‘Manage AccountPlus’ from the vertical menu on the left sidebar.
Step 2 – Manage AccountPlus:
  • Select the link associated with the Qtrade partner name (as displayed on your statement). You will then be taken to a ‘Link Investment Account’ screen.

Note: Tandia partners with Qtrade to provide many investment services. Because these services are not provided directly by Tandia, you will need to set up the link to your accounts. In order for Tandia be in compliance with our Privacy Code, we cannot do it on your behalf.

Step 3 – Link Investment Account:
  • You are prompted to enter your client ID or Investor number in the field provided. Each ‘Link Investment Account’ screen has a linked image of a sample account statement to help guide you.

Note: you can only add investment accounts that are in your name - you cannot add accounts from other members to your online banking. This is in compliance with our Privacy Code. Also, your last name, postal code and date of birth will default in place. If any defaulted information does not match, you will not be able to link your account until the information is corrected.

An ‘Account Link Successful’ notification should be displayed on screen. Within the next 5 minutes, your Qtrade partner account(s) and investment account details will be linked and viewable back on the Account Summary screen (click on the ‘My Accounts’ tab at the top of the online banking screen and scroll down).

™ACCOUNTPLUS is a trademark owned by the Canadian Credit Union Association, used under license.

Qtrade Advisor is a division of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc. ("CQSI"), member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Qtrade Asset Management Inc. ("QAM") is a member of the MFDA. CQSI and QAM are separate legal entities from Tandia. Securities may fluctuate in value and are not insured by a government deposit insurer or guaranteed by Tandia.

Interac Online
A simple and secure way to pay online.

Have you ever wanted to pay for an online purchase using your Tandia™ account rather than using a credit card? Now you can with Interac® Online. At home or on the go, with Interac Online, you have an alternative to sharing your credit card information with retailers when shopping online. This new payment method gives you the option to pay for online purchases directly from your credit union account. It’s the newest online payment method, and it’s fast, convenient, and secure.

How Interac® Online works
  • Select Interac Online as your payment method in the online checkout. You will be directed to the secure Interac gateway page.
  • Select which province your credit union resides, and then select Tandia Financial Credit Union. You will be directed to your secure personal online banking login page.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Select the account you wish to use and confirm the transaction
  • .
  • Once confirmed, you are logged out of your credit union account and are redirected back to the retailer’s confirmation page.
Benefits of using Interac® Online
  • It’s secure. No personal banking information is shared with the retailer or other third parties. The payment is completed through your secure banking session.
  • It’s convenient. There are no extra accounts to set up or passwords to remember.
  • It’s fast. The transaction takes place in just a few clicks using available funds in your credit union account.

Visit for a list of participating retailers.

Talk to us today about how Interac Online can change the way you shop online

Here are some questions and answers about Interac Online:
1. What is Interac® Online?

It’s a service that allows you to pay for online purchases from your credit union account. You can even pay your taxes with it.

2. Are there any fees to use it?

There are no additional fees. The cost is the same as your other debit card transactions.

3. How do I use it?

When making a purchase online, the online checkout shows various options for payment. If Interac Online is available, it will be shown as a payment option. When you select Interac Online, you will be directed to the Interac® Gateway page where you will select your “Credit Union” from the financial institution options. After selecting ‘Tandia Financial Credit Union’, you will be directed to your online banking page to sign in. Once you’ve logged in, you may choose the account from which you wish to make the payment.

​4. Who accepts Interac® Online?

Any participating online retail merchant. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) also accepts payments for taxes via Interac® Online. As well, some educational institutions accept Interac® Online for tuition payments.

​5. Is my account debited immediately?

Yes. Interac Online is just like using your debit card at the store; your account is debited as soon as the purchase is made.

6. Can my payment be stopped?

No, the payment cannot be stopped. If you find you have made a payment in error you will need to contact the online merchant and ask for a refund.

​7. Can I make payments in any currency?

Payments can only be made in Canadian dollars

8. Is there a payment limit?

The usual debit payment limit on your credit union account applies.

​9. How do I know whether my payment was completed successfully?

You will receive a confirmation screen when the payment is authorized. You will also see your transaction confirmed when you return to the online retailer’s website.

®Interac is a registered trademark owned by Interac Inc., used under license.

Two-Step Verification (2SV)
What is 2-Step Verification (2SV)?

2-Step Verification is an extra layer of security, designed to make sure that you're the only one who can access your account - even if someone else knows your password.

Why are we implementing it?

For the safety and security of Tandia member accounts, we have increased our requirements for 2-Step Verification (2SV). Members may be prompted for additional information to prove their identity when logging into our online banking system.

How does it work?

When logging into our online banking system through a desktop computer, mobile device or telephone, members will be required to provide not only their login credentials and password but also a verification code that will be sent to them by email, text message or voice call back option according to their preferences.

Do members always have to sign in using 2SV?

Members will not be required to sign in using 2SV on all logins. They will however be prompted with 2SV when:

  • Adding a new bill payee
  • Adding or editing an Interac® e-transfer recipient
  • Changing a Personal Access Code (PAC)
  • Logging in from a new or unrecognized device

With this new security feature in place, we will be lowering the threshold for 2SV when logging in so members will not be required to input the 2SV on all logins.

Mobile devices where facial recognition has been setup and authenticated will not require a member to login with 2SV.

Is it possible to disable 2SV?

No. Tandia is committed to protecting the safety and security of its members. When 2SV is set up, even if someone were to have a member’s username and password, they won’t be able to access their account without this additional security feature that requires a second step to confirm one’s identity.

How do members update or change the details for the verification code delivery method?

Members can update a delivery method (email, text message or voice call back option) by accessing their preferences in online banking and changing their 2-Step Verification information.

What if an account is joint?

Joint account holders can update their personal preferences where one method of delivery can be used by one account holder and the other by the joint account holder. Ie. Joint member 1 can use a mobile device #, joint member 2 can use an email. Joint account holders cannot use the same delivery method.

Will anyone from Tandia ever call a member to request a verification code?

Tandia will never call you to ask for your verification code, your PAC, your PIN codes or any other private banking information. Members should never give their personal or financial information to people they don’t know – this includes never sharing their verifications codes, passwords, PAC's or PINs

What if a member can’t login to online banking?

Members who are unable to sign-in to online banking can contact our Members Solutions Centre at 1-800-598-2891

Tandia uses a number of techniques to protect your security...

Our online banking system is safeguarded with the best security available in a commercial environment, ensuring that your information is protected while data is transmitted between your computer and our banking server.


Internet encryption protects your information while it is in transit between your computer and our systems. Encryption ensures that data cannot be read or altered because the information is scrambled. Our online banking website uses a 128-bit SSL, encrypting both request and response transactions, through a secure connection. To establish a secure connection, verify that the prefix of our website address in your browser reads 'https' (and not simply 'http'). All the browsers we support meet this requirement. If yours doesn't, please download the appropriate encryption support from your browser's supplier.

Controlled Access to Your Accounts

Your accounts can only be accessed by providing the correct login credentials and Personal Access Code (PAC), which only you know. Our employees never know these details and will never ask you to provide them with this information.

Enhanced Security Login Process

The first time you log in to your online banking account, you will be asked to choose from a list of security questions and answers. Be sure to pick questions with answers that are not easy to guess. Use ones that only you know. If you have a joint account, the questions and answers for both users must coincide. You can register your home or personal computer so that you will not have to answer a security question every time you log in. However, when you log in to your account from another machine, we will ask one of the security questions to confirm your identity.

For security reasons, we track the number of login attempts used to access your online banking. After a number of incorrect attempts to provide the correct PAC or answers to security questions, your online access will be immediately disabled. To regain access, please call our customer service representatives.

Feel safe and secure...

When visiting a branch, you can feel confident that your money is safe and secure, with the premises adorned by vaults, locked doors, security and surveillance. We are keeping you just as safe when you bank online but once your information reaches your computer, you have a responsibility to protect it.

Personal Access Codes (PAC)

Online credentials can be numerous as they are needed for email accounts, social networking sites, online newspapers and shopping websites. That's a lot of usernames and passwords – and it can be tempting to use the same combination for everything. But this makes it far too easy for hackers because once they have one password, they can access all your sites. Login credentials are the keys to your accounts so don't leave those keys around for anyone to find. For online banking, the key is your Personal Access Code (PAC). We recommend you:

  • Choose a PAC that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. Avoid using current phone numbers, dates of birth, or social insurance numbers.
  • Be smart and don't save a list of your credentials on your PC. If you have to write them down, keep these details locked away somewhere only you can access or consider using password-management software, which secures and encrypts usernames and passwords and allows you to use a single master password.
  • Do not share your PAC with anyone, especially online. Employees of our financial institution will never call, email, write or ask you to provide your online banking credentials. Ever.
  • Don't authorize browsers to memorize your credentials. Saving these on your computer allows anyone using your PC to gain access to your login-protected sites.
  • Consider changing your PAC every 90 days for optimum security.
Personal Details

When you move, it is important to notify us of your change of address. If your mailing information isn't up-to-date, statements or letters that contain personal information will continue to be sent to your former address.


You may prefer to eliminate paper statements altogether, avoiding any possibility of mail theft. Eliminate paper documents, go electronic and be secure while doing it. Our e-Statements are a digital archive of your monthly banking activity than can be downloaded as a PDF from our secure online banking site.


Our e-Documents allow you quick and convenient online access to your financial documents: anytime, anywhere. Open the documents as PDFs and print your T5s, mortgage receipts or transaction receipts only as needed, while creating a safe and secure digital archive.

Logging In and Out

When you are finished with your banking session, always log out by clicking the "Log Out" button, as opposed to simply closing the browser window. To help protect your information, your online banking session will end automatically if there has been no activity for 20 minutes or if your visit lasts longer than 60 minutes. If your session has timed out, no further transactions can be made until you log in again. This time-out feature helps protect your accounts from unauthorized access if your PC is left unattended or if you have forgotten to log out.

Clearing Cookies and Cache

When you spend time on the Internet, your browser stores information, such as the websites you visit, the images and files you view, and your personal information, including passwords and login details. This data is held on your computer's hard drive and is known as 'cache.' Even though you may have logged out and closed your browser, this information may remain accessible. You can protect your data by clearing your browsing history regularly. This can be done in a few easy steps:

Internet Explorer Users

Click on the 'Tools' tab (or use the 'Ctrl-Shift-Delete' shortcut)

  1. Select 'Delete Browsing History'
  2. Choose the options you wish to erase and click 'Delete'
Firefox Users

Click on the 'History' tab (or use the 'Ctrl-Shift-Delete' shortcut)

  1. Select 'Show All History' and/or
  2. Choose the time frame you wish to erase and click 'Delete'
Safari Users

Click on the 'History' tab

  1. Select 'Show all History'
  2. Choose the period you wish to erase and click 'Clear History'
Chrome Users

Delete all your data:

  1. In the top-right corner of Chrome, click the Chrome menu.
  2. Select More tools > Clear browsing data. In the dialog that appears, select the checkboxes for the types of information that you want to remove.
  3. Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Select beginning of time to delete everything.
  4. Click Clear browsing data.

Delete specific items from your browsing data:

Instead of deleting entire categories of your browsing data, you can pick specific items to delete.

Private Browsing

Some web browsers have a feature that allows you to browse the Internet without the browser storing information, such as the sites you visit, the images you see and videos you watch. This feature is sometimes used by people who share the same computer. Private browsing is a temporary option and must be selected in order for it to be activated. Private browsing, however, does not give you immunity to spyware or make you anonymous. It is still possible for your Internet service provider, employer or the websites you visit to track your online activity.

Monitoring Your Accounts

Frequently reviewing your paper and/or electronic account statements and/or registering for our transaction alert system ensures that you spot any incorrect or fraudulent transactions as soon as they occur. If your card has been skimmed (when the card's magnetic stripe and PIN are fraudulently copied by embedded devices at ATMs or point-of-sale devices) or unauthorized transactions have been made, you will want to catch this as soon as possible. Every time you receive an account statement, verify you made all the transactions or let us notify you whenever there has been movement in your accounts (with the transaction alert system).

Transaction Alert System

With this feature, you select what types of account activity you want to be notified about, and we'll alert you through text message or email. These alerts allow you to monitor your accounts effortlessly and detect suspicious activity immediately.

While our alert messages provide balances and account activity, they will never ask for, or contain, your personal details, account numbers, login credentials or any other type of confidential information. Also, our notifications will never include any links or instructions to click or download anything.

epost ™

Receive, manage and pay your bills through Canada Post's free online service. To sign up, create an account and scroll through the list of partners to find which bills you can receive with epost. More than 100 organizations are supported as "Mailers," including telecommunications and credit card companies and government agencies. You can also store your bills and statements securely on epost for up to seven years.

Anyone can become a victim of fraud. Contact Tandia immediately to report if you believe that you are a victim of fraud. Additionally, notify any other financial institutions and/or credit card companies that may be at risk.

Call our Member Solutions Centre at 1-800-598-2891.

Reporting fraud is crucial for several reasons. First and foremost, it helps protect victims and prevent further financial losses. By reporting the fraud, victims can work with Tandia and law enforcement agencies to recover stolen funds and prevent the fraudster from victimizing others.

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