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We are here to help your business grow.

Your business may be small, but it’s potential in the local community is huge. You deserve a financial services partner that’s as invested in the local community as you are. Tandia Financial Credit Union is community-based and has the business products, services and tools your small business needs to succeed and grow. No one wants you to succeed more than us!


Business Accounts

Get your funds working as hard as you do. Tandia offers a selection of business accounts designed with a varying range of transaction needs and cash flow in mind. Choose the account that provides the best value for your business.

Business Account


Our prestige account is for those with higher balances and/or transaction volumes.

Key Features:
Monthly Fee $75

Monthly FREE transaction limit 125

Business Account


Our basic business account for those with lower balances and/or transaction volumes.

Key Features:
Monthly Fee $18

Monthly FREE transaction limit 25

Pay As You Go
Business Account


This account provides flexible solutions based on your banking needs and business goals.

Key Features:
Monthly Fee $7.95

Monthly FREE transaction limit 0

Business Savings Account


Tandia's Business Savings Account provides flexible access to the funds you don’t immediately need, while earning premium interest that you can invest back into your business. With tiered interest rates, the higher your balance, the higher your rate and you’ll earn it on every dollar.


Monthly Fee $0
2 FREE debit transactions. FREE cheque and cash deposits.  FREE account transfers. Monthly interest is calculated on daily closing balance.

For more information about business account fees, related fees and other service for additional applicable fees click here.

Let's get started

We want to see your business thrive. Tandia's comprehensive banking services are designed to support the growth and success of small businesses. Do you have questions about Business Accounts or Equipment Leasing? Your Account Manager or a member of our Business Services team is available to help you.

Tandia Business Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards

Tandia offers a flexible range of credit card choices for your business with competitive features and some unique benefits and advantages. Enjoy worldwide acceptance and 24/7 customer service. Apply online or in branch.


​Take Tandia with you everywhere you go with our light, agile and newly updated mobile app. The new Tandia™ Mobile app takes mobile banking to the next level of fast, spacious and easy navigation on your smaller-screen devices. Whenever or wherever, you can.


Tandia's Commercial Services team has the skills, knowledge and experience to provide you with tailor-made financing solutions for your commercial endeavour. We will take great pride in delivering high quality service in response to your business’ unique needs


Listen to our weekly Podcast that answers all your burning questions about money. We’re here to make money more relatable, with take-action tips to help you create the life you want.

We will help you tackle those financial problems, look at your goals and help you define your financial journey. Start listening!



Financial solutions for
non-profit groups and schools


As part of Tandia's commitment to all of the different communities we serve, we offer specialized and low-cost accounts for local community organizations such as churches, charities, teams, clubs or other non-profit groups. We also offer an operating account especially designed for schools.

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