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Investment Shares

​An investment in growth for all of us.


Class B Investment Shares are an investment in the capital of Tandia Financial Credit Union. These shares offer members the potential to realize an excellent rate of return while helping build the Credit Union’s capital base for future growth.

Investment Shares are securities that are non-cumulative, non-voting and non-participating. It is important to note that they are not insured or guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario. As well, the dividends are not guaranteed.

When offered, Investment Shares are sold for a limited period of time on a first-come, first-served basis and are TFSA, RRSP and RRIF eligible. Tandia currently has three outstanding series of Class B Investment Shares that were initially sold for a minimum term of 5 years:

  • Series 1 (2003) (closed)

  • Series 2 (2010/11) (closed)

  • Series 2016 (closed)

  • Series 2021 (closed)

​Each Series has its own Offering Statement with full details that was provided at the time of sale. Investment Shares are not an ongoing investment offering, however, periodically existing Investment Shares are redeemed and become available for sale.

To initiate the sale or transfer of Investment Shares or to request the purchase of available Investment Shares from an existing Series, please visit your branch or contact the Member Solutions Centre.

Redemption conditions

Investment Shares are considered capital of the Credit Union and as such, redemption is limited and subject to regulatory conditions. The Credit Union can only redeem a maximum of 10% of total eligible Investment Shares each year.

For more information about Tandia’s Class B Investment Shares, visit your branch or contact our Member Solutions Centre.

FAQs about Investment Shares

How are dividends on Investment Shares paid?

Dividends are declared by the Board of Directors each December. Dividends may be reinvested in additional    shares or paid out as cash. The Offering Statement for each Series provides full details.

How long is the term – when can I cash in?

Investment Shares are typically purchased by members with a long-term investment horizon. Members who originally purchased Investment Shares were subject to a minimum five year term. Members who wish to redeem or transfer their Shares may do so after the initial five year term, subject to the parameters detailed in the Offering Statement.

Can I sell my Investment Shares to another member or buy more?

Yes. If a member makes a request to sell their Shares or indicates interest in purchasing additional shares, abiding by Board policy Tandia will attempt to accommodate these requests by matching members who want to sell with those are interested in purchasing. Shares may be transferred between Tandia members only.

Tandia cannot guarantee that is will be able to facilitate any transfer requests. To initiate the sale or transfer of Investment Shares or to request the purchase available Investment Shares from an existing Series, please visit your branch or contact the Member Solutions Centre.

What is the tax treatment for non-registered investments in these Shares?

Members receive a T5 for reporting interest income annually.

Can registered funds be invested into these Shares?

Both RRSP and TFSA funds are eligible for Investment Shares. RRIF funds are eligible too – please speak to a Member Solutions Advisor to determine the best plan for including Investment Shares in your RRIF portfolio.

Are Investment Shares included in member statements?

Yes, ‘Details of Investment Shares’ for each Series along with the amount are included in your regular Tandia statements.


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