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Flexible lines of credit designed to fit your needs.

If you want to buy a new home or renovate your existing home, borrow to invest your money or to consolidate your debt, Tandia has the right borrowing options for you with attractive rates and repayment plans that will have your mortgage or loan paid off fast and affordably.

At Tandia, we know that each of our members are unique. That's why we offer a number of tailored Line of Credit products to suit your every need.



AdvantageLine Line of Credit

A pre-approved line of credit means you may never have to apply for credit again.  You can continuously borrow and repay up to your pre-determined limit.  The companion AdvantageLine Account is your key to convenient access.

Key Features
  • Variable interest rate that adjusts with Tandia’s Prime, Limits from $5,000 to $100,000
  • An attractive rate with further reduction if secured by home equity
  • Accessible anytime through online banking or at any Tandia ATM
  • Flexible repayment options, Monthly premium life, disability, loss of income and critical illness insurances are available

Interest is calculated daily on the outstanding principal and compounds monthly.



MeritLine home equity Line of Credit

Using the equity in your home to secure this pre-approved line of credit (minimum $50,000) guarantees you one of the lowest rates available for credit.  A companion MeritLine Account is your key to convenient access.

Key Features
  • Line of Credit secured by equity in your home, minimum $50,000
  • Payments as low as 'interest only'
  • Open to prepayment at any time without penalty
  • Accessible anytime through online banking, Tandia ATMs and in-branch
  • Lock-in features are available. Life, disability, loss of income and critical illness insurances are available

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Interest is calculated daily on the outstanding principal and compounds monthly.



StudentLine Line of Credit

A StudentLine Line of Credit is a flexible and convenient line of credit (and a one-time application) that allows the student to draw on funds as needed, up to a pre-determined limit, to help finance the cost of post-secondary education. It comes with a companion StudentLine Account which is your key to access.

Key Features
  • One-time application for financing post-secondary education
  • A very competitive rate
  • Low payments of interest only are all that’s required while in school (up to 5 years)
  • Liberal repayment terms (over 10 years) upon graduation
  • More structured Student Loans are also available if preferred
  • Subject to credit approval with appropriate parental guarantee(s).
  • Students must be 18 years of age to apply (for students under the age of 18, parents must apply on their behalf)

Interest is calculated daily on the outstanding principal and compounds monthly.

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Let's get started.

You can apply online, in-person at your branch or by phone - call our Member Solutions Centre at 1-800-598-2891.

The annual percentage rate (APR) for secured lines-of-credit is variable and based on Tandia rate of Prime and is subject to change without notice.  Legal and appraisal fees and insurance would increase the APR.  Credit applications are subject to approval and conditions apply.  Final rate will be determined according to Tandia's usual credit granting criteria.

Tandia VISA Card

Credit & Debit Cards

Whether you like to pay with a credit or debit card Tandia is here for you. We offer an outstanding suite of cards with competitive features and some very unique benefits and advantages.

At Tandia, we believe that financial institutions should be accountable to the people they serve. We believe that there’s more than one way to measure success. We believe that our profits should have a positive financial, social and environmental impact on communities.

We understand that everyone is different, and we work hard to tailor solutions that are right for you.

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Whether you’re saving for the future, preparing to buy your first home, or planning and protecting your estate. Tandia's suite of Wealth Service options can help you build a portfolio that’s tailored to your unique financial goals.

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Listen to our weekly Podcast that answers all your burning questions about money. We’re here to make money more relatable, with take-action tips to help you create the life you want. We will help you tackle those financial problems, look at your goals and help you define your financial journey. Start listening!

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Solutions that are as unique as you.

Whether you're looking to invest, borrow or save, Tandia provides personal and customized access to daily banking, financial products and wealth management services. We are here to help you achieve your financial goals.