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Making the dream work: The inside scoop on Team Tandia

Picture this: a team of exceptional individuals from various backgrounds and career paths, all working together to help our members achieve their financial goals. That’s Tandia in a nutshell! We've handpicked our staff not only for their knowledge and skills but also for their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others. We’re home to a diverse and inclusive team where expertise, collaboration, and a commitment to giving back guides all we do. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, you may have found your new financial home!

We believe in giving back to our local communities, and we're always eager to roll up our sleeves and lend a helping hand. Throughout the year, we're actively involved in volunteer efforts and charitable causes, using our specialized skills to find solutions, give back and make a real difference in the world. Because being a part of Tandia means being part of something bigger, and we take that seriously.   

When it comes to our members, they’re at the heart of everything we do. Unlike profit-driven institutions, we're all about enriching lives through solid financial advice, exceptional rates, and a co-operative business model. We don't see our members as just another account number; we see them as our neighbors, and our friends from down the street. These aren’t just words on a page, they’re a commitment we uphold every single day, and a personal touch that guides every decision we make.

So, if you're ready to break free from the ordinary and embrace a financial institution that values you as an individual, Tandia is the place to be. We hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey - the possibilities are endless!

If you are interested in becoming a member or joining Team Tandia, visit here to learn more about us and visit our Careers section to see if you might be who we’ve been looking for.

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At Tandia, we believe that financial institutions should be accountable to the people they serve. We believe that there’s more than one way to measure success. We believe that our profits should have a positive financial, social and environmental impact on communities.

We understand that everyone is different, and we work hard to tailor solutions that are right for you.


Tandia welcomes diverse talent because great ideas come from people with different backgrounds. We foster an inclusive and respectful work environment where you can feel comfortable being yourself. A workforce that is diverse in its backgrounds and points of view makes us stronger and more creative.


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