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Financial Trailblazers: Gen Z and the Quest for Modern Banking Advice

Gen Z is changing the game and doing things differently, and nowhere is their fresh perspective more obvious than with their money! Flexibility and customization are key for this age group – and nothing is less appealing than the idea of one-size-fits-all advice, especially when it comes to personal finance. As shared by CUInsight, members of Gen Z (now ages 12-27) are reevaluating their relationship to money, and redefining what financial success and wellness will mean to them. But these are some big decisions we’re talking about, so where should they go to get the information they need? Breaking out of the traditional bank-focused mold, here are some alternative methods Gen Z is using to gain their financial wisdom:

Tune in for a financial tune-up.

Podcasts are popular with all ages, and why wouldn’t they be!? Specific advice in a fun, easy-to-absorb format (and right at your fingertips!) is especially attractive to Gen Z. Podcasts that focus on the banking basics – investing tips and tricks, how to budget, managing bills and building credit – are often the most useful. And psst… Tandia Talks Money is a podcast that was created to do exactly that! Why not check it out?

Get social with a fin-fluencer.

You may already follow at least one money-savvy social media personality or account. However, if this concept is new to you, a ‘fin-fluencer’ is a social media influencer or content creator with a focus on personal finance. If the person is sharing current and accurate information, this could be an appealing way to learn general concepts. This may be a great compliment to your financial literacy repertoire (along with specialized and highly personalized advice from your own credit union that is!).

Everything on-the-go.

Convenience is key for Gen Z, and what could be better than having your banking partner in your pocket? More and more, today’s young people are making choices (including financial ones!) based on the available apps and digital platforms the company uses. And after all, what could be better than completing your banking transactions from the comfort of home?

Taking an interest in your money, and knowing where to get advice in a modern world, is a great first step towards financial well-being. Inspiration is all around – so let’s get learning!

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