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Learn about investing, financial management, budgeting, retirement readiness, wills and more. Attend these live webinars from your laptop, computer or mobile device. ​Our webinars are scheduled with your convenience in mind and each topic is offered in English throughout the year.

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2022 Market Insights
2022 Fall Market Outlook Webinar: Featured Guest Speaker Judith Chan

Speaker Series IIII - Oct. 5, 2022 12:30 - 1:30pm

Q3 Market Outlook webinar hosted by Qtrade Advisor and Qtrade Asset Management at Tandia and NEI Investments, as we focus on the latest forces moving the markets, economic developments, and the outlook for the months ahead. This webinar will provide insights and perspectives on Global Markets from the Portfolio Management team at NEI.

NEI Investments is Canada’s leader in Responsible Investment funds and portfolios and is part of Aviso Wealth. Our credit union partners with Aviso Wealth to deliver wealth management services to our members.

Tandia COVID-19 Investor Webinar
Navigating COVID-19 Market
Conditions for Investors

Speaker Series I - June 3, 2023 12:30 pm

Richard Davies, Tandia’s President & CEO invites you to join us and NEI Investments - Canada's leader in responsible investing – in a 30-minute lunch-time webinar presentation that will cover the impact that recent volatility has had on the markets and what that could mean for investing opportunities and challenges ahead. 

Listen in on this pre-recorded webinar to gain useful information to help you navigate through this uncertain time.

View from the Top Tandia Webinar
A View from the Top: Economic Update and Market Outlook with Mackenzie Investments
Speaker Series III - Sept. 9, 2022 12:30pm - 1:00pm

In session 3 of 4 in our Wealth Webinar Series, join us and Paul Taylor, Vice President, Investment Management from Mackenzie Multi-Asset Strategies for a 30-minute lunch time webinar presentation covering a macro economic overview of the stock and bond markets along with interest rates. Paul will also provide Mackenzie’s outlook going forward.

With Mackenzie’s ‘Top down’ and “bottom up” approach to investing, Paul will share how his investment team is leveraging this market outlook to optimizing the asset allocation of the Symmetry Portfolios - Mackenzie’s premium multi-asset portfolio program.

Tandia Financial Clarity Webinar
Financial Clarity in times of Stress

Member Webinar Summer 2020

Now more than ever, financial literacy and planning are critical for you and your family’s well-being. Listen in on this pre-recorded webinar to gain useful information to help you navigate through this uncertain time. We are here to provide simple, easy to use tools and resources to help ease the stress that unexpected changes to income may have had on your financial situation.

When the going gets tough the tough get planning.

Estate Planning Tandia Webinar
From Estate Planning to Estate Doing

Speaker Series II – July 21, 2022 12:30-1:00 pm

In session 2 of 4 in our Summer Webinar Series, join us and Doug Carroll, a Tax and Estate Specialist from Aviso Wealth Inc. for a 30-minute lunch time webinar presentation on this important aspect of financial planning, because you don’t have nine lives to figure it out.

Estate planning is more than simply ‘who gets what’. It gives you a chance to think about who you are, what matters to you, and most importantly, who matters to you. In this webinar, we’ll begin with the people, move on to the process and the key documents, and then canvas ways to save cost, time and taxes as you get going with your planning.

Listen in on this pre-recorded webinar to gain useful information to help you navigate through this uncertain time.

Tandia Workshops

Keep on learning with Tandia's ongoing free workshop series

We're making money more relatable. Our expert speakers are here to guide you through the essentials of personal finance. We'll cover budgeting tips that won't make you feel deprived, show you how to make your money work for you through smart investing, and teach you practical strategies to pay off debt faster. No more feeling lost when it comes to money matters.

Tandia Talks Money Podcast

Listen to our Podcast

Listen to our weekly Podcast that answers all your burning questions about money. We’re here to make money more relatable, with take-action tips to help you create the life you want.

We will help you tackle those financial problems, look at your goals and help you define your financial journey. Start listening!

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Money Mindset

Money Mindset is a collection of bite-size, easy-to-understand articles, tips and resources where we delve into the world of finance, promote financial literacy, and empower individuals to gain a better understanding of their money and how it works.

Education is critical to building a strong future foundation. From our Strive for Success Program to our Financial Literacy programs, we aim to make a positive impact. Tandia ​offers scholarships through many schools in the community, along with workshops, grant programs and special account packages just for schools.

Giving back generously to our community to make a positive financial, social and environmental impact is an important part of what Tandia stands for.

Find out more about our current project and programs.


Tandia’s "Money Mojo Quiz" is a fun and simple eight questions that leverages the Financial Health Network’s FinHealth Score® Toolkit. After completing the Money Mojo Quiz, you’ll receive your Money Mojo colour and a guide to help you have a future decisions around financial planning.



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