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Get the card that fits your life.

We now offer eight outstanding Tandia Collabria® Visa* cards for you to choose from - each with benefits to match.

As an introductory incentive, we're offering up to a $50^ card credit upon approval.

Travellers Cheques Update

American Express Travellers Cheques will no longer be available in Canada later this year. They will be available for purchase at Tandia until July 31, 2018.

A smart, easy way to build wealth.

Now investors have a new way to save for their financial goals. Until recently, investors could work with an advisor or they could self-manage their own investments. Now there’s another option: robo-advice (or digital advice) from VirtualWealth™.

Quick Rates
Low Rate 5 Year Closed Mortgage from 3.44%
Low Rate 5 Year Closed High Ratio Mortgage from 3.19%
16 Month TFSA 2.45%
21 Month TFSA 2.65%
33 Month TFSA 2.85%