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Dawood Khan

Vice President, Commercial
​1-800-598-2891 ext 1260

Malik Zulfiqar

Director, Commercial Services
​1-800-598-2891 ext 1146

Junaid Alam

Senior Commercial Account Manager
​​1-800-598-2891 ext 1264

Nida Mansoor

Senior Commercial Account Manager
​1-800-598-2891 ext 1253

Muhammad Paracha

Commercial Account Manager
​1-800-598-2891 ext 1263

Adi Gupta

Commercial Account Manager
​1-800-598-2891 ext 1266

Tandia Small Business

Small business services

Your business may be small, but it’s potential in the local community is huge. You deserve a financial services partner that’s as invested in the local community as you are. Tandia is community-based and has the business products and services your small business needs to succeed.

At Tandia, we believe that financial institutions should be accountable to the people they serve. We believe that there’s more than one way to measure success. We believe that our profits should have a positive financial, social and environmental impact on communities.

We understand that everyone is different, and we work hard to tailor solutions that are right for you.


wealth advice at Tandia

Advice you can trust

Whether you’re saving for the future, preparing to buy your first home, or planning and protecting your estate. Tandia's suite of Wealth Service options can help you build a portfolio that’s tailored to your unique financial goals.


Listen to our weekly Podcast that answers all your burning questions about money. We’re here to make money more relatable, with take-action tips to help you create the life you want.

We will help you tackle those financial problems, look at your goals and help you define your financial journey. Start listening!



Financial solutions for non-profit groups and schools

As part of Tandia's commitment to all of the different communities we serve, we offer specialized and low-cost accounts for local community organizations such as churches, charities, teams, clubs or other non-profit groups. We also offer an operating account especially designed for schools.

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