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    A Message from Tandia in support of Diversity and Inclusion

    June 4 2020

    To our valued Tandia Members,
    Our communications of late have been concentrated on ensuring the delivery of the financial services you need during this COVID-19 pandemic and Tandia remains committed to serving your needs and keeping you informed. We also strongly feel the need at this particular time to share our concern as a socially-responsible organization about the recent acts of racism and violence against the Black community in the US which we have also sadly witnessed and experienced right here at home.


    We want to clearly express to our members, partners and communities that Tandia stands in solidarity and support of the Black community and against racism of all kinds. We are rooted in education, and that means educating ourselves and our staff on how to be better allies and amplify melanated voices. 

    The outrage and pain experienced by the Black community and justifiably expressed through peaceful protest in the US, Canada and around the world is not lost on our organization and we take pause to reflect on our own business practices. Tandia has been and remains strongly committed to employment equity and to recruiting a diverse workforce. We also strive to present representative marketing and advertising in our media platforms. We will continue to check, double-check, learn and change to ensure we uphold our core values of Respect, Integrity and Innovation

    On behalf of the Board of Directors and our Senior Leadership, I pledge that Tandia Financial Credit Union is committed to be a part of the solution. We will continue to do all that we can to promote diversity and inclusion and combat racism within our organization and our communities. As a tangible show of support, Tandia is donating $5,000 to the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.


    Richard Davies,
    ​President & CEO
    Tandia Financial Credit Union